Havsjå Group

Eyde Material Park

Planned buildings, facilities and other measures The purpose of the plan is to facilitate a new business area within the proposed plan delimitation. The design and utilization of the area is clarified as part of the detailed zoning plan. A sketch proposal (early phase) has been prepared,The sketch is not a final solution proposal the utilization of the business area, but is a starting point for discussion and development of the area. More detailed feasibility study will be carried out in connection with the planning work.

The sketch shows business areas totaling approx. 160 daa. It is emphasized that the sketch is intended only as a starting point for further development of the area. Existing walking route is proposed to be moved from existing route. The existing route runs through the business area and has therefore been looked at an alternative solution when establishing a new walking route. In the sketch, it is proposed to move this west of the business area. The existing car park to Arendal bymark is proposed to be moved to the end of a new one access road with parallel pedestrian and bicycle path. New parking space will have at least as many parking spaces and the proposer will facilitate bicycle parking with charging options. Moving the car park will also lead to a shorter road to the urban land. 11